Digital Meets Tangible When your kid's blocktoy meets digital world, the only limit is your kid's imagination. Kids get rewarded instantly for building cool inventions and get motivated to build more challenging things. Most importantly, they have so much fun while doing it!
Playful Apps
Say goodbye to boring paper instructions. Download and play with Hammie Hamsters apps to unlock limitless possibilities.
STEM Education
From simple machine to computaitonal thinking, Hammie and friends will teach you STEM in fun and playful ways.
K-Grade 3
Hammie Hamster activities are designed for early engineers and inventors age from 4 to 10
why play?
Play is the most effective way to learn for most kids because they learn and express their thoughts more freely while having fun. Ironically, most general forms of education can reduce children's creativity since they are mostly told what is normal.

On the other hand, there is no right or wrong when playing. Like Thomas Edison's egg story, a child thinks, comes up with creative ideas, finds solutions and sometimes fails but with no frustration beacuse they are having fun.

Play can be the best way to learn for kids. So parents, please let your kids play, play, play!
Hello! My name is Mia Choi and I'm a designer, iOS developer and work-at-home mom.

I studied graphic design in college and graduate school and I'd never had a chance to get interested in STEM when I was little. But ever since I taught myself how to code, I've been having so much fun and now I believe that STEM can turn problems into big opportunities.

I hope many kids can find their passion for STEM like me by playing with toys and apps that kids these days are so familiar with. To help those children, I have founded Hammie Hamster Labs and designed STEM education toys and programs with Hammie!