Here comes

Sugar! I am a scientist.

As a playful skunk, I formulate brilliant ideas to play.
When I share our ideas with my friends, we giggle for a long time because so funny!


I'm Hammie Hamster,
the engineer!

With blocks, I'd love to build everything that comes to my mind!
Sometimes I succeed to build and sometimes I don't.


I'm a programmer and my name is Simon Beaver.

Hammie and I are nice collaborators!
While hammie builds something,
I implement how to control what she has built.


My self Tamia
I design everything to show my friends.

Using Crayon, I enjoy both drawing and painting. My friends have no sooner started to make with my drawing than something exciting appears!

The Most Adventureous Way to Play Blocks

Hammie Hamster Blocks can give you
more diverse digital experiences when you play with blocks.

Hammie Blocks


Hammie blocks are made of silicon
which is completely safe to human body.



The most adventurous way to play blocks
for our future engineers!



100% Washable! You can also boil the blocks.
It won't get discolored.

What pops in Hammie's head, she makes with blocks. The next is your kids' to fill brilliant ideas beyond imagination. There is no limitation for kids to create structures.

Extracted Way to Acquire Enginerring Notions, Simple Machines

Experience differentiated play. Kids can play not only with Blocks, but also with iPad. They can make block structures using 6 kinds of engineering notion. After they build, this app would identify your creations!

Pick up that crayon now, and dive into an exciting adventure around the globe to search and collect block recipes.
Let's find out what Hammie meet with, and help her make some awesome tools using blocks.

Better to Acquaint Logical Thinking with Fingertips: Code Crayon

Cut that boring coding games off. Kids don't need learning how to code against their will. Keep their fantasies free when they play Code Crayon.
Along with Hammie's block recipes, kids never fail to solve problems.


The most adventureous way to play blocks